Adding Comfort to your Chair with Pillows and Cushions

mhPhIJzFPy9ehF1RcB3YGhgToday the Life would be hard without pillows, their practical function is to provide comfort when we sleep or it’s a way to soften the hard furniture’s when we sit onto it.  They can play a role of decorating agent for our house by adding cushions with them. Together they create a perfect environment of comfort and beauty. In ancient time they were a sign of prestige and honor and they were generally used to carry beautiful ornaments and today itself we follow that traditional rules use them as a way to transport such gift on different occasions.

Different Types of Pillows

55a12a3706326ede_5819-w233-h233-b1-p10--modern-outdoor-cushions-and-pillowsAccording to the size, shape and textures there can be verities of pillows are available today in market and one can make a choice as per the need.

Toss /  Throw Pillow

As the name suggests these are the cutest pillows mainly used for decoration and are perfect for theme based decoration like team soccer pillows, you can use them with chair, couch and bed. They can be any shape and size.

Bolster Pillows

Bolster pillows are usually cylinder shaped or rounded long pillows added to couches or chairs for aesthetic appeal. They are nothing but used as the shape of outline for the pillows they are the semi decorative pillows usually covered in exactly the same fabric as the pillow body with different color, patterns and textures for the edge.

Bed Pillow


This is the most favorite and common type of pillow. They come in different sizes but exactly with the same shape. They can be of standard size, queen size, King size, large Size or euro size.

Body Pillows

They are the lovable ones as lots of people used to hug them while they sleep, also used as lifesaving agents in case of pregnancy of a woman, for that reason they are also called as nursing pillows, you can craft them as per your need with wool, cotton, or other stuffing.


The next came is cushion as compare to size with the pillows they can be of huge size, comes usually with different sizes, shapes, colors and textures. Mainly used for decorative indoor and outdoor purpose with chairs and furniture’s.

Cushion Type

new-2014-round-cushion-cover-velvet-cushion-pillow-capa-de-almofada-preto-e-branco-purple-velvetThere are also verities of cushions types are available you can choose one of them they includes dinning chair cushions, lounge chair cushions, sofa and love seat cushions, sunbrella cushions, fast drying cushions, seat pad and so on.

Pillow pattern

Pillows can also come in different patterns and designs of colorful textures mixed with them. Textures can be of Solid, Strip type, Geometric shape, or floral print; one can opt as per their need.


It is something that can be defined as adding a feel of being owner while gifting something. It is basically means adding a design of personal feel and touch, which is becoming a tradition today it gives the feeling of uniqueness to the recipient and distinguishes it from the other items.

So by following this trend one can create cushions as well as pillows of your own choices either by adding a photograph or textual messages to it or by adding photo collage to it hence making the anniversary or birthday of someone very special.